My name is Diana and I am a jewellery designer and maker from Telšiai, Lithuania. My professional artistic training started in 2012 at Bridge House Art, Ullapool, Scotland, where I completed a portfolio course after an intensive half-a-year exploration of different artistic media. In 2017, I graduated from The University of Edinburgh with a first-class BA degree with honours in jewellery and silversmithing. I have also studied jewellery and metal work at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Canada (international exchange programme). When I do not design, make, and dream of jewellery, I explore nature, travel, work with illustration, go bouldering, or snuggle with my pet rabbit. 

I created Diano to express my fascination with graciousness, flexibility and playfulness of form and colour.

I draw my inspiration from my closest surroundings, both urban and natural, and the people I meet. All my designs spring from an impression – a flutter of a leaf, a glint of an eye, a long-forgotten song, an overheard conversation, a simple landscape. Such impressions are then turned into quick sketches and later developed into more complex drawings.

While I let the imagination roam free when drawing, the actual making of jewellery remains bound in the realm of the usable, comfortable, flattering and accessible. My jewellery is made to be worn. It is made for its weight to be forgotten – to be as light and nonchalant as to disappear in the ear, on the neck, wrist, or finger. Gold, silver, diamonds and precious stones have a great potential to radiate warmth, softness and vibrancy. I combine this potential with a strong edge and clean lines to adapt the jewellery to the velocity of modern life. The unity of softness and strength is what I strive for.