• According to Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania Article 6.362 the buyer shall be entitled to replacement of the low-quality purchased things within fourteen days from the delivery thereof to the buyer. For more details contact us diana@hermis.eu or tel.
    +370 5 2311559
  • According to Ministry of the Republic of Lithuania 2014 July 22 resolution 738 approved in ‘Mažmeninės prekybos taisyklės’ (Retail Rules) paragraph, pearls, diamonds, precious metals and their products, excluding bijouterie, are non-refundable items. Exception applies if the seller agrees to accept or change the goods.
  • If customer wishes to return disliked good quality item, he/she needs to contact seller within 14 days from the day the customer has received it. Return request has to be written and send to diana@hermis.eu. The customer has to tell the reason why he/she wishes to return the item and provide with bank account number, in which the money should be returned.
  • If the seller agrees to accept the item and return the money, the customer has to deliver the item in its original packaging with original label and diamonds’ certificate (if the item contains diamonds), untouched certificate seal and written return request.
  • The customer can deliver the items to UAB HERMIS shops:
    8 Rudininku Str. Vilnius, LT 01135 
    Kęstučio g.11-3, Telšiai, LT87121
    Telšių g.12-2, Plungė, LT90162
    or send them to:
    8 Rudininku Str. Vilnius, LT 01135 or Kęstučio g.11-3, Telšiai LT87121
  • Until the item is received by the seller, it is a customer’s belonging and responsibility. Hence, the customer has to ensure the packaging and keep registered post number.
  • Once the item is received, the seller arranges the money return within 14 days.
  • All return expenses (post, custom office and etc) are covered by the buyer.
  • DIANO remains its right not to accept items back, if the item has marks, appeared because of the buyers fault.
  • If the buyer wishes to change the size of the wedding band, he/she has to contact seller no later than 7 days after receiving the ring. The seller will change the wedding ring’s size free of charge one time within agreed time.
  • According to Civil Code of Republic of Lithuania 6.22810 article, 3rd part, custom made jewellery cannot be returned.
  • All questions and disagreements regarding jewellery return are solved by negotiations. If negotiations are not successful, State Consumer Rights Protection Authority will be asked to diana@hermis.eu.