I.1. These rules shall define general requirements for the conducting of retail trade in the Republic of Lithuania.

I.2. All legal and natural persons engaged in retail trade, who have registered their activity in accordance with the procedure established by laws, must observe these rules.

I.3. When other special retail trade rules (in respect to trade in some goods) establish additional or other requirements for the trade in those goods, those rules shall apply.

I.4. The key terms used in these Rules are the following:

I.4.1. The term “seller” shall mean any person (companies and natural persons who have been issued authorizations), engaged in trade;

I.4.2. The term “goods” shall mean any movable object that is to be sold or is offered for sale to the buyer;

I.4.3. The term “consumer purchase-sale contract” shall mean a contract of purchase and sale under which the seller shall assume the obligation to sell the good, the movable object, to the natural person to meet the personal, family or household needs of the latter that are not linked to business or profession, while the buyer shall undertake the obligation to pay the price.



II.1 These rules of purchase-sale are legally obligatory documents for both purchase-sale parties, which determines buyer’s, who is purchasing goods in electronic shop www.hermis.eu (further E-shop) mutual rights, duties, responsibility and other terms related to goods purchase-sale in E shop;

II.2. The buyer purchasing goods unconditionally accepts the rules which determines purchase-sale contract’s conclusion and processing conditions and commits to following them. If the buyer does not accept these rules they are not allowed to proceed with buying goods in E-shop and to conclude purchase-sale contract.

II.3. Goods purchase-sale contract between the buyer and the seller is concluded from the moment, when the buyer clicks on the link ‘PLACE ORDER’, after choosing goods and forming their shopping cart, entering or checking all the required details.



The buyer has right to:

III.1. Pending the conclusion of the consumer purchase-sale contract receive in writing the essential, correct and comprehensive information about the goods on sale in the national language;

III.2. Opportunity to choose and order products;

III.3. Pending the conclusion of the consumer purchase-sale contract in shop, buyer must provide all required information and agree with Terms and conditions;

III.4. After concluding purchase-sale contract the buyer must pay the fixed price for purchased good and their shipping;

III.5. The buyer is obliged to secure their sign-up to e-shop details, which the seller confirmed during registration. If the buyer loses sign-up details or they become known to third parties, the buyer must notify the seller immediately. If the buyer omits doing so, the buyer stills has to comply with purchase-sale conditions, and if the seller experiences any losses, the buyer must compensate completely;

III.6. The buyer in e-shop can be a legal and natural person, who has reached legal age, who has no activity restrictions and minors from the age 14 to 18, who has their parents or their guardian’s permission or when they independently use their own income;

III.7. Every consumer purchase-sale contract made in III.3. paragraph indicated way is registered and stored in E-shop database;



IV.1. The seller has a right at any time to unilaterally change, refine and supplement the rules. Rules changes comes into effect after being published in E-shop and since are applied to all concluded purchase-sale contracts;

IV.2. If the buyer is trying to damage E-shop’s work, stable operation or safety and also violate these rules or rights and duties specified in legislations of the Republic of Lithuania, the seller has a right to immediately restrict, stop or terminate the seller’s opportunity to use E-shop services without prior notice, deleting buyer’s registration, and is not responsible for any losses of the buyer;

IV.3. Under reasonable circumstances the seller is able to suspend or terminate E-shop’s operation at any time and without prior notice;

IV.4. The seller must provide opportunity for the buyer to use E-shop’s services on the terms determined by these rules;

IV. 5. The seller must respect the buyer’s privacy, protect to the seller provided the buyer’s private information and manage the buyer’s personal details by the terms determined by the Law of Person’s data legal protection of Republic of Lithuania;

IV.6. The seller must deliver the ordered products to the buyer by the terms determined in VI Rules’ paragraph to the indicated address;

IV.7. If the ordered product cannot be delivered due to important reasons, then the seller must offer analogous or as similar in features as possible. If the buyer declines the offer, the seller must refund the buyer the amount he paid in 10 (ten) working days from getting a written decline from the client;



V.1. The buyer must pay for the goods by bank transfer in advance according to the order he made;

V.2. Every order’s price is confirmed individually by received e-mail. Price in all cases is specified in Euros including VAT fee;

V.3. Only after receiving payment in the seller’s bank account the order will be start to be processed;



VI.1. Goods in Lithuania are delivered by LP EXPRESS couriers and in foreign countries through the main post service provider in the country of the receiver. The goods delivery time is estimated by the post service only preliminary and the buyer agrees that goods delivery time could be delayed for the seller unknown reasons and the seller should not be held responsible for them;

VI.2. The buyer must receive the goods himself. In the situation the buyer cannot accept the order himself, but it was delivered to the indicated address and other details of the buyer, the buyer cannot make claims to the seller for delivering products to the wrong subject;

VI.3. If the buyer refuses to accept ordered goods or if the delivery is impossible because the buyer told the incorrect delivery address while ordering goods, the buyer must recompense any seller ‘s losses experienced while conducting purchase-sale contract;

VI.4. The seller is not held responsible for extended delivery time, if the goods were not delivered or they were delivered not on time because of the buyer ‘s fault or buyer dependent circumstances;

VI.5. The seller is not responsible for delayed delivery or no delivery of the goods, if it ‘s third party ‘s fault or non-seller dependent circumstances and could not stop those circumstances from interfering;



 VII.1  According to the Civil code of the Republic of Lithuania paragraph 6.362, if you purchased poor quality goods in E-shop, you may return in 14-day period informing us in advance by email to diana.novikovaite@gmail.com or call to + 370 5 2311559

VII.2. According to the decision Nr. 738 made in 2012 July 22 by the government of the Republic of Lithuania confirmed by Retail Rules article, pearls, gemstones, precious metals and their products except for imitation jewellery are non-returnable goods excluding the situations when the seller agrees to accept return or exchange of the goods;

VII.3. If you want to return or exchange a product meeting quality requirements but disliked or unsuitable, you must during the 14-day period from receiving the products moment send a written request to the email diana@hermis.eu. In the request you have to state the reason for return and the buyer ‘s bank account number where refund will be made;

VII.4. If the seller agrees to accept the product, the buyer has to deliver it in original packaging with its label, certificate of gemstones (if the product has gemstones), unbroken seal and buyer ‘s written request;

VII.5. The buyer can deliver the goods to UAB ‚HERMIS‘ shops in Telsiai (Kestucio g 11-3, LT87121) or in Plunge (Telsiu g.12-2, LT90162) or in Vilnius (Rudninku g. 8 – 108, LT01135) or could be send via registered mail to Kestucio g. 11-3, Telsiai, LT87121;

VII.6. Until the moment the returned product reaches DIANO shop, it is buyer ‘s property and responsibility, because of that while returning goods the buyer must make sure the packaging is suitable and won ‘t be damaged during the delivery. The seller must save registered package number;

VII.7. After receiving the returned product, the seller will get refund during 14-day period to the indicated bank account in the written request;

VII.8. All expenses related to the delivery of a returning product are covered by the buyer;

VII.9 DIANO holds the right not to accept a mechanically damaged product if the damages occurred because of the buyer fault;

VII.10. If you want to get your wedding rings ‘purchased in DIANO e-shop size adjusted, the buyer may contact the seller in 7 days from receiving the product. The seller must change the size once per determined date for free;

VII.11. The buyer cannot refuse the product which was made by buyer ‘s individual request, if there are no similar products produced and it was made according to buyer ‘s personal choices and requests, or if the product is made to personally suit the buyer;

VII.12. All questions or disagreements about the return or the exchange of a product are solved by negotiation. If the negotiations are unsuccessful, then it’s referred to State consumer protection service;



VIII.1  If the buyer does not conduct even one of his duties specified in these rules, the seller gets the right not to deliver the goods and to unilaterally terminate goods purchase – sale contract and to demand to compensate losses which occurred due to improper buyer ‘s conduct of terms;

VIII.2. Buyer cannot copy or use the goods for commercial reasons or sell them without getting DIANO Jewellery agreement in advance.